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"HIV" was the PROBABLE cause of AIDS


In the Beginning of the Gay Sexual Revolution in the 1970's it appears that homosexual men were more "out" then, than they ever will be. An era of free love and sex and a fast tracked lifestyle that included street drugs, more drugs, promiscuity which led to a massive epidemic of Antibiotic use and a combination of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and the drug called Poppers or Rush sold like forest fires. These facts fell into the U.S. Center's for Disease Control's published reports but were denied because they needed a plague, they needed a disease or they would soon close their doors.

These factors in the first 5 cases of a so called 'mysterious' yet obvious problem were claimed to be from five gay men in San Francisco California and at the height of the gay revolution of the 70's, gay men were burning the candle at boths ends in the early 80's, with constant STD's, Antibiotics, Cocaine, and rainbow colored street drugs.. Gay men were getting reactions from this new open Lifestyle. Lung diseases, Skin rashes, Herpes, Crabs, and so many other conditions but the American CDC and one Dr Robert Gallo were looking for a "retrovirus" to cause these problems, the virus hunters were not interested in "the Obvious" and immediately began a mission for this illusory "disease" which was branded GRID because only Gay Men were allegedly getting "it".

With much of the evidence for the bigoted constructed "deficiency" announced in the public health sectors gay rights activists demanded the so called "Gay Disease" be changed to a much proper name because Gay's were not the only one's experiencing these problems.

From GRID to AIDS, the true phenomenon and the facts that led up to Dr Gallo's Un peer reviewed science papers enforced a global endorsement by the world media, that "HIV" was the PROBABLE cause of AIDS at a CNN press conference on April 23, 1984.

Today most people in the public still has never checked these facts, Dr Robert Gallo, up for scientific misconduct twice and involved in an international lawsuit with the Reagan administration & French scientists, The HIV theories of AIDS have become Dr Gallo's religious right of passage, and a self fulfilling prophecy in the global LGBT community.

Millions have signed over their rights to the global AIDS Industry and have become Iatrogenic Slaves to a religious paradigm of contradictions,phony antibody tests, deceptive surrogate lab markers, lies, half-truths, and an ARV Death movement.

Are gay people in denial? yes.

That's what this exercise is all about to get people to wake up to what really happened to the gay sexual revolution and how the Gay Industry has sold out the LGBT community to a modern day holocaust.



"The acronym AIDS was introduced to replace the previously used pejorative term GRID (Gay-Related Immune Deficiency). Regardless, AIDS remains to this day a government-defined syndrome with, simultaneously, no specific clinical symptoms of its own yet a myriad of indirect illnesses and symptoms supposedly "caused" by the immune suppression—really quite a clever idea, since essentially everything is a symptom" ~ Rebecca Culshaw

The word or acronym "AIDS" is one of the most complex, confusing and mysterious words in science, medicine and in the English language. It's impossible for a medical dictionary to accurately define it.

No matter what anyone says, "A I D S" is not clear cut. Its four letters which make up the acronym are centered in a web of complexity, so much so it took 58-minutes, just to scratch the surface.

The Emperors New Virus?

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Superfluous definitions for a Phony Syndrome

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