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In this documentary Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos form Perth Group is mainly interviewed. The Perth Group goes further than Dr. Duesberg and RethinkingAIDS and claims not only that HIV doesn't cause AIDS, but that HIV doesn't even exist. Or to be more precise that there is no proof about its existence.

That is, they believe that Montagnier and Gallo did notorious mistakes during their experiments so they thought they discovered a virus but they've actually discovered nothing:
- The first mistake seemed to be that they considered that because they found Reverse Transcriptase in their AIDS patients' blood, they thought that there's a Retrovirus in it, considering RT exists only in Rertroviruses. But Dr Baltimore who discovered RT says RT exists in normal cells too. 

- Second mistake seems to be that they only found 1 of the 9 proteins of a retrovirus in their follow up experiments and they considered that enough, although the Perth group says, if what they found was a retrovirus they would have found all the 9 proteins of a retrovirus in the patients' blood samples.

- Third mistake they never published pictures of the purified virus (after isolating it from other elelemnts). The picture would prove that what they found was a retrovirus and not other cells. The pictures that they did published (only in 1997! in a paper were they admit that HIV was never isolated and purified till that year nota bene) were not pictures of isolated/purified virus, but pictures of 2-3 supposed to be virus cells among many many other types of cells. Even those 2-3 cells they indicated as HIV cells, they didn't have knobs(spikes) or conic cores (typical characteristics of retroviruses) and they were too big (230nm diametre) to be lentiviruses (110-150nm) which is the family of the retroviruses that HIV belongs to.

At the end Barré-Sinoussi admits they needed a purified virus to create the famous HIV tests and that if they didn't purify, the test would detect anything and nothing. And the shocking confession of the Electron Microscoper that checked their pictures of the "purified" virus that the pictures containted 80% dirt (cellural debris)! But if there are no pictures of purified HIV, then the HIV tests do not detect antibodies specific to HIV, but to the proteins of these cellural debris! In other words HIV tests probably detect nothing dangerous

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