martes, 22 de julio de 2014

"AID$" Why it's not a Real Syndrome


CDC Initial AIDS Definition(s) "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome" a Center's for Disease and Control (CDC) fake constructed medical syndrome"

The word or acronym "AIDS" is one of the most complex, confusing and mysterious words in science, medicine and in the English language. It's impossible for a medical dictionary to accurately define it. 

No matter what anyone says, "A I D S" is not clear cut. Its four letters which make up the acronym are centered in a web of complexity, so much so it took 58-minutes, just to scratch the surface.

In this clip we look at:

1) CDC: Initial AIDS Definition 

2) Clinical AIDS: A New Disease

3) A Growing Family: AIDS Marker Diseases and Indicators
[opportunistic Infections?] or "old & familiar " Original Infections?

4) Creating an African AIDS Definition Bangui: AIDS By Numbers

5) Bangui: Peripheral Psychological Damage

6) Bangui Redux: National Variations in AIDS Definitions

7)Through a Glass Darkly: African AIDS Statistics Bangui Westernized

8) Politics and Public Health: A Study in Conflict

9) CD4 T-Cell Count Marker: Medical Application

10) Addition by Subtraction: 1997 CDC Tables 11 and 12

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Superfluous definitions for a Phony $yndrome

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