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Recently, someone came towards me; a young man, 22 years old, he told me that has was sure of who transmitted the HIV to him. He became HIV positive, and the only person which he had sex without condom was an assiduous client of a gay video in Quito. He proposed him to have sex without condom saying to this young man that he was completely healthy and he was HIV negative. His reasoning to refuse using condoms was - “My virile member would not have a good erection”.
I know that some people will defend to the HIV positive person saying that is our obligation to take care of AIDS in all of our sexual relations and they will blame to this young man which was convinced to have sex with out condom as an idiot.

But is a responsibility of the person living with HIV to tell to his sex partner about his status before having sex, works if he is lying go have sex with out condom!

However, we went with the affected one to face to this supposedly healthy human being.
His answer was drastic - Yes, I have AIDS, so what?

With the coldness of his assertion, we stayed paralyzed and after I told him: - But, you lie him
Saying that you didn´t have HIV - and challenged him - Now he is HIV positive. Do you know that a person who knows that he is HIV positive and lies over his status for having sex without preservative, legally is considered like a crime?

He saw him very despondent and faced to us with his eyes saying; - You can make me a judgment, if you wish…Do it!

Another typical answer of the Ecuadorian idiosyncrasy where they know that in legal matters everything stays in impunity. – Do you have an idea of what kind of damage you have caused him and to the other people that you could have transmitted the virus?

Raising his shoulders he said to me – So what, I don’t care! … You don´t have idea as the gay atmosphere works. Here all we are equal… here we only live having sex … I am part of this world…Someone transmitted to me in the same way… that is how it works…

When listening this kind fo assertion and with such conviction, I leave myself disarmed. However, that young person was destroyed. I stayed terrified when I heard such assertions.
It´s lamentably that a man who apparently looks nice, has fallen so low in this aspect.

- The gay world works like this… - Is the most common answer that generally certain homosexuals use to justify their high risk sexual behaviors, without concerning the damage that they are causing to the others.

I am HIV positive and nothing happens! - It was another answer of a 55 year old man.
I discovered that he had HIV, and he practiced high risk sexual relations and the main point is that this man is an interlocutor of the Ecuadorian Coalition of People Living with HIV representing Chimborazo Province.

He used to maintain constantly high risk sexual relations, promiscuous behavior; he is a chronic sex addict. He get excitement knowing that he is going to transmit the HIV, although next day, he usually said that he is a bad person but soon after the ritual to be continued… and to be continued… again and again…

But although he was discovered in this type of activities - Nothing happens, AIDS is psychological! - He said to me.

When we investigated him, we discovered that was HIV positive in 1997 and he did not follow any treatment until the year 2005 in which the disease attacked to him and get AIDS, that is why right now apparently he has certain characteristics of periodic dementia.

In 1996 their friends challenged him to use preservative in his sexual relations, his answer was
- Of something is necessary to die in this life! - Although one of his best friends alleged that it was very easy don´t get HIV - He advised him that after having sexual relations without condom, get a shot of penicillin and nothing will happen. Be careful! The one who gave him this advice is a doctor. (Today he is also HIV positive).

We can only imagine to how many persons he transmitted the HIV since 1997 until 2005, time in which he continued maintaining sexual relations without condom and injecting Penicillin. In addition, until now he continues practicing this advice with his friend.

He used to say that in his good times – This single week I only have sex with two men… that is low for me….

Briefly, he maintained since 1997 up to 2005 about 667 high risk sexual relations. We can do the supposition that he only transmitted the HIV to a 20% of this people, we are talking about that 135 people arte today HIV positive thanks him, and some of them already died as we found out. And we can not imagine to how many people these people living with HIV with out knowing transmitted the virus.

With this experience I only can say that one person living with HIV could be a genocide, although some people call me “exaggerated”. Any assassin in series surpasses what one single man can do in this case. And when I faced him about this reality, trying that he noticed to how many people he could have affected. Raising his shoulders contentedly he said - Nothing happens! … Now the government gives you the medicines, the doctor, the treatment …

- NOTHING HAPPENS – I smile seeing ironically his timeless madness.

A person with HIV with no resolute problems, bipolar or if he is an addict to sex, simply becomes in a genocide. In addition, when we denounce these kinds of cases to the Organizations that work with HIV prevention, they say to us that we are contributing with the discrimination against this type of “assassins”. I don´t find another kind of word.

This man, whom we took like example, knows all the tactics for not to be re-infect itself again but he knows how to transmit the virus to the others and he knows the gay places where he can practice sex with high risk, specially the darkrooms.

Exactly those people who enjoy transmitting sexual infections love to use bad quality condoms; even the top can be cheated. They will make him thinking that they are having a great degree of pleasure, but they tightening strongly the rumps and in this way they obtain that the condom was broken, the penetrator doesn´t feel it. Once they obtained his porpoise, they get excited only thinking that they are causing damage to the other person. Incredible! But it is true.

Some HIV carriers want to make us blind that sex has levels and some of them (sex addicts) arrive at these degrees of perversion. Some HIV leaders who have made a good business with the HIV AIDS and they have been able to have a good standard of life, without mattering the consideration of another person’s life is affected. They say to me that I am satirized to this poor people living with HIV.

When talking with the maximum leader of the Ecuadorian Coalition of People living with the HIV about this case, the gentleman was more worried about his next trip to another country, than a human being who needed urgent aid and was killing more people. He only laughed and he didn´t gave any solution. However, at night, what a coincidence! … The implied one receives a call in which instead of advising that it looks for psychological or psychiatric aid to him, in this case, they noticed him that keeps all the evidences about the people with whom he had sex, because it can have legal complications by his acts.

Thus, I am sure that before the last case in that I confirmed that a person who was with him and now he is HIV positive… when I will face to him about this case, he surely will tell me - Make me a judgment! … Demand me legally! … - And I am sure that he will say me that with similar accusation I am contributing to the discrimination against the people who have HIV AIDS.
I had one reaction of another Coalition member, that laughed a lot when hearing about this case, and with an ironic outburst of laughter, that seems to me that he already has degrees of dementia, he said to me – Demand him legally…!

Since 1997, I have defended the rights of the GLBT and People living with HIV AIDS, but today I asked myself. … What happens with the rights of the people who are now HIV positives or they even have AIDS and they were transmitted by people who knew about his status HIV positive?

Great part of people who have HIV finds out already when the virus has transformed into a state AIDS… the situation is not as positive as our friend want to focus us saying that if you have HIV nothing happens. Some of them got irreversible sequels, others acquire states of dementia, others were expelled from their houses, and others inclusively arrive late to the treatment and die in extremely painful situations.

Once in a gay meeting, my blood was frozen when listening to a professional asserted that he must have transmitted the HIV to more than 1000 people and their friends living with HIV celebrated with him. - At what kind of level of unconsciousness we have arrived in this gay atmosphere? Now they give us one formula that to be gay means only “to be gay and inhuman”. A good school to learn how to very cruel.

In a gay video, I discovered a man how was taken “Acyclovir”, this medicine was created med to stop Herpes… I courteously said to him - Please take care, don´t practice oral sex because you can trespass the Herpes to the others.

He laughed and thinking that I´m idiot and said to me - My brother is a doctor and advised me that Acyclovir is for my Pneumonia.

Next week, I found him with sores in his mouth. - Is herpes - I said to him - and he admitted.

How many persons did he trespass his Herpes? And cases like this are a lot but the organizations who works in prevention of Sexual Transmission Diseases say that through oral sex NOGHING HAPPENS.

In other gay place in Quito, I listened to a chat of one representative this organization who was telling to young gay people - “It is preferable you get HIV than Cancer. I have HIV, and thanks God, the government give medicines, medical treatment, doctors free, if I wouldn´t have HIV,
I don´t know what it happens to me.

I don´t know if I understood badly his message, but it is like someone urging to them to have the HIV and at the end he concluded - and this Latin hot body will continue having sex…
Why in these kinds of chats they are not sincere and tell the truth about the risk, the serious and bad consequences that people experience when they get HIV or AIDS?

Once it talked with a young boy, he was 19 and is HIV positive , He told me very disappointed
- I don´t believe in the love, this year I have been with more than 200 men and I don´t know who transmitted the HIV to me, but what else I can do? … The gay atmosphere works in this way…

As “PAIS CANELA” is mass media, I find out and I am going find out about more high risk sexual activities than without believing that I´m a saint in sexual matters, these kinds of acts terrify me.

Thanks to these messages “I HAVE HIV AND IT DOES NOT PASS ANYTHING, the celebrations to transfer the HIV are already being made in Ecuador and middle-class people are the organizers. Thus they believe that they will be able to continue having sex without condom more calmly…

There are people living with the HIV in Ecuador; they are professional, belonging to a good social status. They used to take boys from the street, conscripts, people that doesn´t know them. They invite them to a drink in their houses, and then, when these boys are drunk, they take advantage of the situation to have sex without condom. That is like the previous celebrations, but in this case, guests’ don´t know that they are planning with them. Like according to the organizers of these meetings, if the affected ones get HIV, - “it does not pass anything”. The state is going to pay everything to them… Then, the sex party must go on…!

But nobody told them about the risks of having HIV AIDS, like the antiretroviral have in some people indirect effect, that the excess or addiction to sex also cause madness, that some found out that they are HIV positive when they are in a stage AIDS, that if they are penetrated without condom, they could be re infect and is fatal for the people who are living whit HIV bringing to them in certain cases irreversible sequels, in some cases momentary or permanent dementia, certain organs are affected, some people remained paraplegics, in other some cases I found blind people. And in most of those cases all of their gay best friends disappear. Nobody of his gay celebration friends is there to help them.

But for me, the question that is scariest is about the people who have become sex addicts.
Most of the organization working in prevention of HIV AIDS they don´t know about this disease or in some cases, the same people who belongs to these organizations, suffer this problem. They only used to advise them ( Sex addict people) to use condom and the adhesion to the antiretroviral, without the knowledge that a sex addict or a bipolar person can fall in perversion degrees like the people who have resentments and they can use the HIV as means of revenge.

Do these Persons living with HIV have the idea about how much it cost to the Government to pay all of this irresponsibility? And all the HIV organizations know what is happening,
but they fake to be blind, idiots and dumb, because HIV AIDS “now belongs to everybody”.
(Ecuadorian Government Propaganda) A great business that gives a lot of money to several of these irresponsible ones.

Once a transgender activist suggested to a leader of one GLBT foundation.
- Why do we not have solidarism among us?
He answer of this leader was …
- Why must I have solidarism, if this society is unsupportive?

When somebody goes to him with a complain, he usually says that we lived with “the deep pain that complain us”. But when we warning to him to stop distributing bad quality condoms, because they were not good for annals sexual relations”. He pretend didn´t hear us and in the gay pride parade he gave this message “Enjoy your sexuality” and distributed this type of bad condoms to everybody, in resume “This GLBT foundation distributed death”.

I hope someday these accomplices of the death “wake up” and they realize about the pain that they are causing to human beings, knowing that each “action generates a reaction”.

Francisco Guayasamin

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